Weekly Toon …

How comforting ...

Now there’s a comforting thought indeed from Rick McKee, the staff cartoonist for the Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle. You can find more of his cartoons featured here.

North Korea poses a serious test and this editorial from the Washington Post and article by Charles Krauthammer, with whom I rarely agree, are well worth reading. But it’s a column by Michael Gerson that may be the scariest.

By all indications, Trump lives in the eternal now of his wants and compulsions. He combines a total ignorance of the past with a total confidence in his instincts. Now, in the first crisis not of his own making, he must produce traits of leadership he has not exhibited before: judgment, prudence and wisdom. His default mind-set is not only indifferent to these traits but also antithetical to them.

You can read the entire column here.

Our runner-up for the week is an interesting but quite startling commentary on Republican voters.


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