Are Trump’s lies different?

I thought they came standard ...

Fabrications have long been a part of American politics. Politicians lie to puff themselves up, to burnish their résumés and to cover up misdeeds, including sexual affairs. (See: Bill Clinton.) Sometimes they cite false information for what they believe are justifiable policy reasons. (See: Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam.)

But President Trump, historians and consultants in both political parties agree, appears to have taken what the writer Hannah Arendt once called “the conflict between truth and politics” to an entirely new level.

Read more of that interesting article I’ve quoted from above by following this link. And just so you know here’s a spoiler alert to the question that headlines this posting.

If only by volume alone, the answer is yes. But it’s more than just a question of volume as this article and this one make clear.


2 thoughts on “Are Trump’s lies different?

  1. Here are some thoughts from across the border.

    Trump is a cross between a pathological/sociopath liar. No matter what one thinks of the man he won the election honestly under the laws of the land.

    All one had to do was watch the polls and the outcome starting with the primaries. No one ever voted for him yet he continued to win.

    Next look at the last 3 Presidents. While Trump was being ridiculed for his crude remarks and actions towards woman not everyone was forgetting the scandals that had followed Clinton his entire political career and to many it was Hillary that had bailed him out.

    Bush if you want to talk of liars misled the world with his claims of WMD and in the minds of many led the country into a war that is still ongoing and has resulted in the terrorism problems the western world faces today. And lets be honest about it if he hadn’t been President of the U.S. he would currently be sitting in jail for war crimes and human rights abuses. The only country since the Geneva Convention that has reverted back to using torture including torturing children. And thinking of those children did he not bring in the law that a child has to be 18 before they can have nude pictures published? Yet it is permissible to strip and torture them at any age?

    Obama other than bringing in Obama care what can he claim?

    So you have Trump come along. Crude, only lies when he opens his mouth, but he says he will make America great again and bring business back to the U.S. And he is not a politician. Rightly or wrongly he is looked at as a successful businessman. People voted for him because he was different, did not follow the rules, and definitely was not following scripted messages written by some speech writer.

    Personally I believe Trump is laughing. He makes an outlandish statement and the media and his critics latch on. Forget it. Don’t play into his traps. He dubbed enough of the nation to get to where he is and who knows may do so again. Let him make all the ridiculous statement he wants, concentrate on what matters. He craves attention and you are giving him that attention. Give the man a chance. The stock markets have been on a upward swing since he took over so not everyone has the same opinion.

    And going back to Bush he also did not win the popular vote in 2000 and quite possibly if it wasn’t for anomalies in Florida didn’t win the election.

    1. There is quite a bit I agree with in your post, James, and perhaps one or two things you probably got wrong. Even so, I appreciate your thoughts.

      I agree Trump craves attention. Every narcissist does. But given how few read these posts, I doubt I am giving him much with my words.

      In any event, I cannot ignore him. The man has his finger on the nuclear trigger. If he decides to pull it, he will be obeyed and neither Canada nor any other country on this planet will escape the consequences.

      And even if he decides not to pull it, he may lead the world to catastrophe inadvertently because he’s inept.

      Give the man a chance? I’m sorry. It’s hard to give a chance to someone who wants to deprive tens of millions of Americans of health insurance, among many other things that I won’t mention. He’s been a disaster as President (and if you have money in that inflated stock market you’d be wise to pull it out while you can).

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