Weekly Toon …

Trump will throw anyone under the bus ...

President Trump’s outrageous claim Wednesday that transgender service members were a burden on the nation was crude and simplistic, and it seemed to catch the Pentagon by surprise.

By contrast, the friend-of-the-court brief filed by Justice Department lawyers in a gay man’s employment discrimination lawsuit was detailed and dispassionate. Yet it, too, belies Trump’s assurances in last year’s campaign that he cares about “our LGBTQ citizens.”

You can read the rest of this Los Angeles Times editorial by following this link. It compliments our toon of the week from an old favorite, Tom Toles, whose work is featured here.

I’ve discussed Trump’s attack on transgender people more in this previous post. But that wasn’t the only shot the Trump administration took at the LGBTQ community this week. In addition to the L.A. Times editorial you can read this article to learn more.

By now it should be apparent to even the most dense that Trump has no enduring loyalty to anyone except himself. If he’s willing to humiliate his Attorney General, which he did all week, and toss his chief of staff under the bus (as he did on Friday), why would anyone who is a member of the LGBTQ community believe the man is – or could ever be – a friend?

That’s just plain stupid.

Our runner-up for the week is a fascinating exploration of Trump’s brain. David Horsey captures it perfectly.


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