Weekly Toon …

Perhaps no one will care by the time it's gone ...

The truth can’t be repeated often enough: The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which held its first meeting last week, is a sham and a scam.

It was born out of a marriage of convenience between conservative anti-voter fraud crusaders, who refuse to accept actual data, and a president who refuses to accept that he lost the popular vote fair and square.

It is run by some of the nation’s most determined vote suppressors, the kind who try to throw out voter registrations for being printed on insufficiently thick paper or who release reports on noncitizen voting that are titled “Alien Invasion” and illustrated with images of U.F.O.s.

Its purpose is not to restore integrity to elections but to undermine the public’s confidence enough to push through policies and practices that make registration and voting harder ….

As Tom Toles suggests in our toon of the week, still another foundation of our democracy is under assault by Donald Trump and much of the Republican party. It’s the right to vote, to throw out the rascals. In a representative democracy like ours, the right to vote is the only real check ordinary people have on those in power.

But it’s a right that is under assault these days as the New York Times documents in this excellent editorial that I’ve excerpted above. If you care about your rights – and given how few people vote, many obviously don’t – you need to read the whole thing.

Our runner-up for the week is still another testimonial to what working for Donald Trump can do for you.


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