Weekly Toon …

“Donald Trump is a crude buffoon who spends his days picking Twitter fights with people he sees on TV. He displays no skill, sophistication or capacity for subtle nuance in foreign or domestic policy. But Trump’s personal ineffectualness has not kept his administration from rapidly reversing the direction of the federal government in key areas, thanks to a few deft players who are implementing an aggressive ideological agenda.”

“Perhaps the most disturbingly effective person on the Trump team is Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. In the few months since Trump’s inauguration, Pruitt, has transformed the EPA into a supine lap dog for the oil, gas and coal industries and is well on his way to erasing years of environmental policy built on scientific research.”

Those are the opening paragraphs of a thoughtful article by Los Angeles Times cartoonist David Horsey. Horsey details much better than I can the enormous damage EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is doing to the environment.

If you like the cartoon featured above you’ll be a lot better informed by reading the rest of his article here. And you can enjoy more of his cartoons by following this link.

Our runner-up for the week is kind of an inside joke, but people who follow New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s career will surely appreciate it.


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