Sabotage …

Talk about a death spiral ...


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had a problem when the American Health Care Act arrived from the House last month. What to do with a bill that is clogging your agenda but only 8 percent of Americans want you to pass and members of your own caucus swore was dead on arrival?

This terrific article by Andy Slavett, the acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services from 2015 to 2017, spells out what’s happening in the Senate on health care reform far better than anything I’ve written to date. And it comes from someone much more knowledgeable as well.

If you care about healthcare in the United States, I strongly urge you to read it and and then to contact your own Senators, especially if they’re Republican, to let them know that you’re not going to be fooled by Mitch McConnell’s political bag of tricks.

Original Post

ANOTHER WEEK, another insurance company deserting patients in a wide swath of the country. Last Tuesday, Anthem announced it would pull out of the Obamacare marketplace in Ohio, potentially leaving individual insurance-buyers in about a fifth of the state’s counties without Affordable Care Act coverage to purchase. The news came after insurers in various other states announced or threatened market exits or big rate hikes over the past several weeks.

Are these moves more evidence that Obamacare is fundamentally unworkable? Hardly. Of greedy insurance companies callously disregarding their customers’ health? Not that either. Anthem explained clearly what is responsible for its retreat: Republican sabotage of the health-care system.

It is now clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Trump administration is systematically undermining the Affordable Care Act – despicable behavior that is likely to result in many Americans losing their health insurance unless something is done quickly to persuade or force Trump to reverse course.

Wondering why the Trump is doing this? It’s simple really. Trump and his cronies want you to believe that there is no alternative to repealing and replacing Obamacare. The Washington Post makes this clear in that editorial I quoted from above and that you can read in full by following this link. (And catch more of editorial cartoonist Dan Wasserman’s work here)

Like I said, this is about as low as you can sink – holding innocent people hostage to a political agenda that has little support in the country. But, hey, it’s Trump we’re talking about here, a man with no heart, no conscience, and no capacity to tell the truth.


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