Weekly Toon …

Here is Washington's real nut job ...

Not much to add to this toon since it pretty much speaks for itself. It comes to us via Stuart Carlson, whose work you can find more of here.

I like this cartoon because there are definitely times when I think of Trump as a petulant child who just never grew up. But if this article is to be believed, that’s apparently being unfair to children.

Alternatively, to use Trump’s own words, it’s possible the man is a complete nut job. Whatever the case may be, Trump needs psychiatric help big time and it’s apparent he’s needed it for a very long time indeed.

That isn’t going to happen any time soon, however; and that being the case, the United States will continue to suffer the consequences of his mental illness for years to come. Sad for the man to be sure, but sadder still for the American people.

Our runner-up for the week is also from Stuart Carlson and may even be better. You should definitely take a look.

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