Weekly Toon …

Trump is the problem, McConnell his enabler ...

With so much happening this week, it was tough to select a single cartoon. But I had to give Tom Toles of the Washington Post the win for the toon featured above. It’s another one of those cartoons where two get skewered for the price of one.

We have the reference to Trump’s wall, but we’re not talking the border wall here. Instead, we’re talking the stonewall being used to undermine the investigation into the Trump administration’s connections to the Russians; and the biggest enabler for that stonewalling is Mitch McConnell, of course.

Just as he blocked a vote on Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court, he’s determined to prevent any independent investigation of Trump and his cronies. Given the choice between doing the right thing for the country, like GOP Senator Howard Baker once did during the Watergate scandel, or the right thing for the Republican Party, McConnell will always choose what’s right for the GOP.

He is another cancer on the American body politic who should have been retired by the voters long ago, but who manages to get reelected every six years so he can continue spreading the toxic partisanship he has practiced his entire life. Like his House counterpart, Paul Ryan, he has contributed greatly to the debasement of our political life as a nation and deserves only the contenpt of the American people.

Our runner up this week comes from Matt Davies, Newsday’s Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist whose work is featured here. His cartoon lampooning Nicole Kushner Meyer’s efforts to cash in on her brother’s (Jared Kushner) prominence is a tellibg commentary on the stench emanating from the family that occupies the White House.

Most people aren’t familiar with the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. If you are, however, his cartoon, linked to above, is devastating in a very subtle way. Tom Toles was a bit less subtle on the issue. You can catch still more of Toles here.


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