When Will Republicans Stand Up to Trump?

I wouldn't hold your breath waiting the right decision to be made ...

If the controversy over the firing of James Comey, the F.B.I. director, has done anything, it has confirmed my decision on Nov. 9 to leave the Republican Party after a lifetime as a loyal member.

The Republican Party was once the party of small government, free trade, traditional values, principled foreign policy leadership and, most important of all, adherence to the Constitution. Republicans spent decades fulminating against activist judges like Earl Warren and activist politicians like Barack Obama, claiming they were undermining the founders’ vision of limited government.

And then, the party sold its soul to the soulless charlatan who now occupies the Oval Office and makes a mockery of every one of the party’s principles.

Very thoughtful article by someone who, intellectually at least, is still a Republican, but who wonders whether there are any Republicans left who will put loyalty to the republic above their fealty to the Republican Party?

You should definitely read the entire article. The cartoon above is by Chan Lowe, more of whose work is featured here.