No politicizing the FBI …

The firing of FBI Director James Comey is unlikely to put even a dent in Donald Trump’s support among his coalition of supporters.

And what a diverse coalition it is: Wealthy golf cart jockeys with warm-weather homes along America’s greenest fairways; high-school-dropout meth dealers in Appalachia; middle-aged white women who appreciate an occasional slap on the butt from their bosses; guys who wear cammo and cowboy hats and stockpile assault rifles in their suburban cul-de-sacs; Internet trolls with Wehrmacht haircuts; people who think “The Apprentice” was a documentary; Gary Busey, Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin and other third-tier celebrities — and so many more.

In spite of this excellent description of Trump’s constituency, which you can read more of here, it’s hard to believe that Trump would appoint Jared Kushner as FBI Director. But reports that prominent Republican politicians like Senator John Cornyn, Representative Trey Gowdy (famous for his impartial work as chairman of the House Benghazi special investigation), and former New Hampshire GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte are under consideration for the job are quite worrisome indeed.

These people are Republican partisans who have no business being considered for such a sensitive post at a time when the integrity of the Bureau is under assault from the White House. Even former GOP Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan, who once served as an agent in the Bureau, is a partisan Republican whose appointment would raise many questions.

Trump seems determined to put someone in the job who will be loyal to him personally, not to the mission of the Bureau or to the country. This is something that needs to be watched closely in the coming weeks. What is needed is a professional who commands support within the Bureau and across the political spectrum; not another political hack like Jeff Sessions who gets confirmed because he is a member of Washington’s political insider club.


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