Weekly Toon …

You lose ...

Stuart Carlson, whose work is featured here, is our winner, but there were simply too many great cartoons about the GOP’s big healthcare victory this week to select just a single winner. Let’s start by adding two more from Clay Jones, more of whose work you can see here.

But they finally got all the votes they needed ...

No CBO report before the vote, but perhaps we'll get one next week ...

Next up are three from Mike Luckovich, the editorial cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He was definitely on a roll this week and pulled no punches. More of his toons can be found here.

Loved this one because it's all too true ...

You'll definitely need bigger pools to keep your head above water under this bill ...

The real grim reaper is the one in the suit and tie at the left ...

Nick Anderson currently draws cartoons for the Houston Chronicle, which features his work here.

All the benefits, none of the costs, that's the American way ...

Here’s a take from Adam Zyglis, the editorial cartoonist for the Buffalo News. Catch more from Zyglis here.

rest in peace, sucker ...

Steve Sack draws cartoons for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. His work is featured here.

But the GOP stopped counting ordinary Americans a long time ago

And we’ll finish up with a great toon from Robert Ariail, the editorial cartoonist for The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, whose work appears here.

One can only hope this toon will prove prophetic. But I’m inclined to believe that Republicans can do anything without suffering any consequences; and in any event any congressional losses they suffer won’t make a difference for the tens of millions of Americans who will be worse off or dead under this bill.

The truth is that everything bad in this bill doesn’t happen all at once. Its effects roll out over a longer period. Here’s one scenario worth considering.

Because the pain comes in doses, small at first and only gradually picking up steam, it’ll probably be easy for House Republicans to avoid taking responsibility for what they’ve done. They’ve blamed everything under the sun on Obama up until now. I imagine they’ll blame any health care disasters on Obamacare for years to come.

And they’ll probably get away with it because the Republican party is the master of political propaganda in America. They’ve proven repeatedly they know how to fool people.

If only ...

So there you have it, ten toons, a veritable toon-a-rama this week on one of the most consequential issues of our time. Remember to make your voice heard down the road by voting against the Republicans.

They screwed you on healthcare. They’ll screw you on taxes. That what Republicans do; unless you’re rich or powerful, of course.

But, then again, why should they take you seriously when they can do whatever they want without ever suffering any serious consequences.


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