Weekly Toon …

It's one of those rare toofers :-)

I was looking for a cartoon this week that would provide some commentary on Trump’s first hundred days in office. I found this one, our runner up for the week, which sums up the man pretty well.

But in the end it was impossible to resist the one I finally selected above from Bill Bramhall, the editorial cartoonist for the New York Daily News. You can find more of his work featured here.

What I like about this cartoon is that you get two for the price of one. On the one hand, it’s a quiet commentary on who will benefit from Trump’s tax plan. But it’s also an incisive take on the all too pervasive tendency of politicians, whatever their stripe, to cash in once they leave office.

Yeah, sure, Wall Street may not be buying very much since Obama will never hold office again. But don’t kid yourself. By accepting an obscene sum of money for a speech, Obama debases the office he once held and sets a terrible example for anyone considering public service.

Public service is about serving, not using what you learned while serving to cash in. Or perhaps I should say that’s what public service should be about, not what it apparently is.

Collecting royalties for a book you wrote is one thing; and I might have considered cutting Obama a break if the money for his speech was being donated to charity. But that’s not the case. This is Obama showing he’s just like most politicians, all too willing to cash in on the office he held for his own personal benefit.


Kit barfs.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Toon …

    1. The third link in my post will take anyone interested to an article that discusses how some other Presidents cashed in, Chip, including the $2 million Reagan took for two speeches in Japan. Politicians cashing in has become more pervasive since the 1980s and I think my comments made it clear I’m not fond of any politician who does it.

      But $400,000 is hardly peanuts; and I think I read somewhere that Obama has lined up a second speech in that same amount so more could be forthcoming. It’s like the old joke about a woman who is asked by a man whether she will sleep with him for a million dollars.

      Woman: For a million dollars? Of course.

      Man: Will you sleep with me $10?

      Woman: What do you take me for, sir; a whore?

      Man: We’ve already determined that, madam. Now we’re just negotiating the price.

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