Weekly Toon …

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Lots of excellent cartoons focused on United Airlines this week including this one by Rob Rogers, the editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

But I decided to go with the one above from Tom Tomorrow that more fully explains U.S. policy toward Syria for those of you who may be wondering about that. You can click to enlarge it.

Tom Tomorrow is the pen name of editorial cartoonist Dan Perkins. His weekly comic strip, This Modern World, appears online at The Nation, Daily Kos, and The Nib, and also in approximately 80 papers across the country.

He is a 2015 Pulitzer Prize finalist and the 2013 Herblock Prize winner. He was awarded the first place Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for Cartooning in 1998 and again in 2003, among other honors.

He is the author of ten cartoon anthologies and one children’s book. In 2009 he collaborated with the band Pearl Jam to create the artwork for their album, Backspacer.


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