Happy Valentine’s Day …

Happy Valentine's Day

Just wanted to share some holiday greetings with you and to let everyone know I’m still alive. Be sure to be sweet to your sweetie today and to show him or her some love.

Stumped for ideas how to do so?

You have your traditional ones, of course, flowers, sweets, and chocolate. They’re always appreciated. But doing something original like writing a poem or a love note would be welcome as well I’m sure.

If you live in a colder clime, your sweetie’s buns are probably freezing right about now so feel free to help warm them up. I’ll leave the details to you. However you do it, put some passion in it.

Don’t have a sweetie to be sweet to? Then feel free to be sweet to me.

You could whisper sweet nothings to me in an e-mail; enclose a (mildly) naughty picture of yourself or someone you think would be the perfect valentine for me; or even just tell me what’s happening with you these days.

I like hearing from people.

As for me, I’ve been very busy. There’s no end to things to protest with Trump in the White House. The twit loves to tweet, but those tweets have been cruel and vicious at times.

In any event, I may still have a surprise or two in store for you in the next month so be sure to keep your eye on this site if I do.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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