Back to you, D. Trump …

It's all about me, me, me, America ...

Yesterday Donald Trump tweeted out his New Year greetings to the American people, once again displaying the graciousness he has become so well known for.

It's all about me, me , me ...

No one could ever love you as much as you love yourself, Donald, but we’re not really at a loss what to do about you. We plan to fight you for four years and to call you out for what you are, a narcissist who insists on making everything about you; a bigot, misogynist, brain-dead twit, but above all Putin’s poodle.

Unlike you, we don’t think a thug and murderer like your good friend, V. Putin, is “very smart” or a great leader. Nor do we think he’s doing a great job rebuilding Russia.

We know you’re too stupid to actually read anything not about yourself, D. Trump, but some of us do read about what’s happening in Russia and we’re not impressed with V. Putin.

“Quietly, the number of Russians who have received a positive H.I.V. diagnosis passed the one million mark this year. There is, however, little indication that the government will commit adequate resources to stem the acceleration of the virus from high-risk groups into the general population.”

You can read more here if you want, D. Trump, but we’re not counting on it. I mean, it’s not about you after all so asking you to read something like this would be an extraordinary hardship.

In any event, to come to the point, this is the man you would have us believe is rebuilding Russia? This is the man you think is so smart?

Only a fool would believe nonsense like that; and, yes, you best take a look in the mirror because the shoe definitely fits.

Just my own personal greeting to you for the new year, D. Trump. I’m looking forward to 2017.


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