Chapter 31 …

Sometimes I’m awake half the night worrying about it ...

Last week’s chapter recapped much of Parts I through III of the story and added some new material that better explained what happened to Jimmy after he left Jeff and moved to New York with Bobbie and Charles.

Young, uneducated but good looking, he ended up dependent on others for survival. Being young and good-looking helped, but Jimmy quickly discovered the price of dependency can be quite high indeed.

Everyone reacts differently to that discovery. Some, like Bobbie, are willing to pay the price although one has to wonder how things worked out for him long term. Like many things, youth and good looks depreciate over time, sometimes more, sometimes less. But for men like Charles with money one suspects they’re definitely replaceable commodities.

Others, like Jimmy, may rebel. But rebellion does not put food in your stomach, clothes on your back, or a roof over your head. Sadly, Jimmy learned all of this the hard way and at a time when an insidious new disease was stalking the land.

Unlike many others, Jimmy ended up back where he should have stayed all along. He learned his lesson, but the cost was high indeed.

We now come to the three concluding chapters of the story. Tonight’s, which I’ve posted over at The Annex, will take us from October up to the Christmas holidays in 1982. Sadly, however, there won’t be any Christmas miracles.

The story will play out much like life itself, a mixture of good and bad, bitter and sweet. We’ll experience a bit of both in tonight’s chapter.


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