The Open Door Revisited …

A Cambridge icon ...

As some of you may recall, Sean Tierney, one of the lead characters in my story The Opened Door, worked selling papers and magazines at kiosk in Harvard Square.

That kiosk was loosely based on a real newsstand that’s a Cambridge icon, Out of Town News. Recently, the New York Times carried an interesting story indicating that the future of the newsstand is now in question.

The City of Cambridge, which owns the 500-square-foot vintage kiosk, is beginning a $4.6 million renovation of it and the gritty brick plaza around it, even as the area teems with tourists, students, homeless people, buskers, shoppers, pedicab drivers, chess players and political demonstrators.

Starting in August, the lease for Out of Town News will be renewed by the city on a month-to-month basis, meaning it could close the kiosk at any month after that. The lease expires in January 2019.

By then, if not sooner, Out of Town News is likely to become the latest of the nation’s premier newsstands to close . . . .

If interested, you can read more about it by following this link.


2 thoughts on “The Open Door Revisited …

  1. Now that Massachusetts has legalized marijuana I think a win/win situation is for Sean to start selling pot out of Out of Town news. Everybody wins !

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