Chapter 6 …

Love the hair on this boy ...

Tonight’s chapter was originally much longer. Indeed, it was so long I finally bit the bullet and decided to split it in two. But don’t worry. I’ve moved the less interesting stuff to the next chapter. You get the good stuff tonight 🙂

Which isn’t to say the next chapter isn’t important. Indeed, what happens there might be much more important. But if you like sex more than what comes after sex, you may find this chapter somewhat more, uh . . . stimulating.

Some of you may think a chapter like this would be easy to write, but it wasn’t. I wanted the chapter to come across as both passionate and calculating. You’ll have to decide whether I succeeded, but keep in mind the chapter does set the stage for what comes next.

But before you dig in and enjoy, I should probably bring you up to date on what happened in the last chapter.

To recap briefly, Jimmy walked from his home to Noel Field three miles away on a Friday night, somehow avoiding the parish priest and the library in the process. It was a long walk, but we learned some interesting things about Jimmy along the way; at least we did if we were paying attention.

As you may recall, Jimmy was hoping to find someone he could hitch a ride with to New York State, where the legal drinking age is only 18 (unlike Massachusetts where it’s 21). Unfortunately, no one was around he could do that with so Jimmy ended up heading back downtown.

Once there he saw lights still on in the headquarters for the congressional candidate Tommy had told Jimmy that Jeff was supporting. Seeing Jeff still there when he peeked in, Jimmy went inside and said hello.

One thing led to another and Jeff eventually agreed to drive Jimmy over to New York. The two brought each other up to date at the bar they visited. Fortunately, Jeff didn’t have anything to drink and was able to drive Jimmy back to North Adams safely and without incident.

Does anyone else like Jeff for being smart and responsible like that? Whatever his faults, he seems to be the adult in the story if perhaps much too smitten with Jimmy for his own good. But who among us hasn’t been there and done that?

In any event, once back in North Adams Jimmy had Jeff drive to a special place where he used to bring his girlfriends. That seemed to make Jeff nervous given their past history together, but nothing happened. Instead, Jimmy invited Jeff to meet at their special place in the woods behind the lake the following evening to smoke some weed.

That’s where the story picks up this evening; not in the woods, but with Jimmy back home in bed. Although Chapter 6 isn’t as long as some, it is a bit more, uh, stimulating, as I said. Be sure to darken the lights and turn off any distractions before taking it on over at The Annex.

And, as always, have fun reading … or whatever 🙂


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