The most worthless Congress money can buy …

This image is used with the permission of the author, Chavah Billin. Visit her blog to view more of her excellent work.

So there you have it, people. Another massacre of the innocents by someone with an assault weapon who should never have been allowed to have one. Then a lot of pious nonsense and partisan bickering from a worthless Congress followed by the defeat of anything that might make a difference, however small.

And believe me, people, the measures the Senate considered would have done very little to change anything. But even a little is too much for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and those in Congress who like nothing better than kissing its ass and taking its money – and that of the merchants of death who produce weapons like this.

May those who work for the NRA and the gun manufacturers burn in hell forever.

So people who we don’t allow to fly on an airplane because we consider them too dangerous will continue to be able to purchase a weapon of mass destruction and all the ammunition they need to kill innocent people whenever they want.

America. We are indeed an exceptional country!

Did I mention there is an election coming up and you can try to do something about this if you want?

In any event, thanks to the creator of the image above, Chavah Billin, for permission to use it. Visit her blog to view more of her interesting work.


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