Chapter 3 …

awesome smile ...

Having reached the lake at the beginning of last week’s chapter, Jimmy and Tommy spent some time in the water cooling off before heading back to the shore to work on their tans. That gave Jimmy the opportunity to think some more about his conversation with Tommy on the way to the lake.

We learned how Jimmy met Jeff, the older college youth who had taken a job as the playground supervisor at the elementary school in Jimmy’s neighborhood. Not having a job for the summer, Jimmy had agreed to help Jeff out coaching the summer league baseball team in the morning.

Without Tommy around, Jimmy soon began spending more and more time with Jeff as the summer unfolded; helping him out at the playground in the afternoon, then going swimming with him after the playground closed, and finally driving around town with him in the evening, which Jimmy liked because it got him away from his father and the same boring neighborhood.

At the end of their day at the lake Jimmy and Tommy headed home. Sensing things are changing, Jimmy asked his father whether coaching is something he could do as a career. But his father dismissed the idea in an especially nasty way.

The end of the day found Jimmy in bed playing with himself. As he did, he found himself wondering again whether Tommy could be right about Jeff being a homo.

That led Jimmy to fantasize about being alone in the woods with Jeff. In the end, uncertain whether Jeff is a homo, Jimmy decided he needed to find out.

We’ll learn how that turns out in tonight’s chapter, which I’ve now posted over at The Annex and is another one of those chapters that is a bit longer than usual.

Have fun reading.


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