Such love, such acceptance …

love wins, hate loses

Every day in every way the Catholic Church and those who run its institutions show just how bigoted and hateful they can be. Here is still another example. Why am I not surprised?

A Pennsylvania teen got stood up for her prom — by her school. What was supposed to be a memorable night for Aniya Wolf became unforgettable at Bishop McDevitt High School’s prom when the fashion police came after the lesbian student for wearing a tuxedo.

Read more here and here.

“Bishop McDevitt will continue to practice acceptance and love for all our students,” the school said in a statement. “We simply ask that they follow the rules that we have put into place.”

Ah, yes, precisely the kind of conditional acceptance and love Jesus practiced no doubt. Perhaps the desire to wear a tuxedo was one of the seven demons he cast out of Mary Magdalene.

Besides, everyone knows just how notorious Jesus was for following the rules put in place by the powers that be.

Everyone except Aniya apparently.

Such a bad person, so unworthy of acceptance and love.

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