Galleries . . .

let's hope he's spied someone skinny dipping :-)

As you know, I like to break up the text at my web sites with images like the one above. It makes things less boring for one thing; in addition, sometimes images illustrate something about one of the story chapters I’ve published or the point I’m trying to make in one of my blog postings.

I’ve been doing this I started these sites back in 2011 so I’ve posted a lot of images over the years. Recently I discovered WordPress includes a feature that allows you to post images in galleries you can include in the sidebar to the right.

I’ve decided to test that out on both of my sites. Keep in mind The Café Palermo is primarily a blog, one that talks about issues relevant to the LGBTQ community or political issues that affect Americans more broadly. The Annex is the site where I post my stories.

In short, the important thing to me on these sites are the words, not the images. But I put a lot of time into finding the right images so I figured I see whether the galleries add anything to the overall experience.

Not all of the images in the galleries may have headlined a post. I’ve often tested multiple images before selecting one. I’ve included some of those as well; and I’ll try to make sure the images on the two sites don’t overlap. If the galleries work out, I’ll probably add to them in the future.

For now, if you have any views on this, feel free to comment or to send me an e-mail.


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