David Lee …

this is robert. not david :-)

What do David Lee and Robert E. Lee have in common? Nothing as far as I know. Since David doesn’t have his own web site, however, I was stumped trying to find an image to illustrate this post. Sorry about that David; if you have a suggestion for something better, I’ll be happy to change the image 🙂

Although he may not have a web site, David is a terrific writer and the author of numerous stories you might enjoy. I first became aware of him while reading Tommmy and Tanner. I liked it a lot. David’s latest story is Family Matters. I’m only up to Chapter 3, but things are already starting to heat up so you may want to take a look.

I used to have a link to all of David’s stories on Nifty under the Authors section of the sidebar to your right, but that stopped working at some point and I had to delete it. However, I’ve recently learned there’s an Authors button at the top of the Nifty site.

It’s a bit selective. Even though Nifty still carries two of my stories, Connected and With Apologies Mr. Dickens, I’m not listed if you click on the Authors button; and it isn’t because I’ve written less than the rest of the authors listed there either. I’ve written more than some. But, then again, who cares? I’m not a fan of the site,

Fortunately, David Lee is listed and I’m a big fan of David. Just scroll down the alphabetical list of authors on your left until you find his name. Then click on his name and you’ll be taken to a listing of all his stories, including the two I’ve mentioned above.

David suggests reading Always and Forever, Zeke, Tales from Bentonville, Second Chance, Tommy and Tanner, and The Metamorphosis of Jeremiah Long in that order.

However you do it, David writes good stories; like all of us who give away stories for free, he deserves your encouragement and support.


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