Change is good, dollars are better . . .

says the GOP candidate for President :-)

August 17, 2015 Update 3: I need to get ready for later this evening so I won’t say very much here. The second theme I tried had problems as well, particularly trouble showing links and that annoying sidebar that faded in or out depending on where your mouse was placed. Keep your fingers crossed, but I think this may be the one 🙂

August 16, 2015 Update 2: Per Update 1 below, I don’t think that other theme is fixable. Here’s another possible theme that is also clean. The sidebar fades out if your mouse is not on it. I’m not sure whether that’s a positive or negative; and I would probably need to find a better logo than a bunch of apples if I decide to go with this one.

August 16, 2015 Update 1: It looks like this theme may have a problem displaying comments easily. I know it’s possible to comment because I’ve had one already and responded to it. And it looks like you can read the comments if you click on the title of the post and open it up as a separate page. But to me that’s kind of clumsy because there’s no way of knowing whether someone has commented in the first place. I’ll have to check into this more to see if I can figure it out. Stay tuned; and if you can tell me how you commented, Harry, that would be helpful as well.

August 15, 2015, Original Post

I’ve been thinking about changing the WordPress theme for my sites for a little while now, partly because it would help next year when I hope to bring at least one or two new stories online. And then there was that last minute change in plans that leaves me at home this weekend. As you can see, I’m bored at the moment 🙂

To avoid making this too big a shock, I’ve implemented the redesign on the main part of this blog initially. Some of you may not care one way or the other, but I think this new theme provides a cleaner look. And that’s probably a good thing on a site featuring naughty stories, don’t you think?

In any event, feel free to take a look at the redesigned Café Palermo. Then let me know what you think by posting a comment or sending me an e-mail. To make the comparison easier, I’ve retained the old theme for the moment on The Annex. That way you can check back and forth to see what you think and render a better judgment.

I’m not saying you’ll have the final word on this as readers. But I would be quite interested in your opinion and any problems you find with the redesigned site. As I said, feel free to leave a comment or to send me an e-mail.

And have a nice weekend as well. I’m still holding out hope for my own 🙂


2 thoughts on “Change is good, dollars are better . . .

  1. Like the new look. Also thanks for the new story am just getting into it and want you to know how much I have enjoyed your other stories. Thanks again for your work.

    Harry in NC

    1. Thanks for offering an opinion, Harry. I’ve received some others over at The Annex and via e-mail, but it’s not exactly a landslide one way or the other at this point 🙂

      Thanks also for the compliment on my work and my stories. I’m glad you enjoyed them and hope the new one will be up to snuff as well.

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