Thanks Senator Schumer . . .

thanks senator schumer for making war more likely

Thanks Senator Schumer for making another Middle East war more likely and for reminding us just how craven and spineless American politicians can be in the process!

As many of you know, I’ve largely given up blogging. That’s mostly because I believe the American political system is hopelessly broken and isn’t going to be fixed any time soon. And yet even knowing how little ordinary people can do to make things better, I continue to follow the news of the day and to think about the challenges we face.

Of the issues facing America today, none may be more consequential than the Iranian nuclear agreement now being considered by Congress. Schumer recently came out against the agreement.

His spinelessness would be amusing if it wasn’t so serious and that got me to thinking I should try something new going forward. Whenever I read something I think more people should be aware of, I’m going to provide a brief quote and a link to the full article I think you should read.

One of the best things I’ve read on the Iranian nuclear agreement is the article I’ve linked to below. I encourage you to read it, especially in light of Senator Schumer’s decision to oppose the deal.

To me Schumer personifies everything wrong with the Democratic party these days. The man may give you a reason why he opposes the deal, but he won’t be telling you the truth.

“I believe we should go back and try to get a better deal,” Schumer has been quoted as saying. But he knows that’s not possible. The truth is Schumer is unwilling to take on the Netanyahu government or special interests like AIPAC.

That may be the smart political decision for Schumer, but it’s not the decision that’s best for America. And while Senate Democrats may choose him as their next leader to replace Harry Reid, they should know they’ll be alienating many Americans in the process.

Schumer may say he wants a better deal to cloak his spinelessness, but here is what one thoughtful observer had to say about that.

There is a notion cultivated by opponents of the Iran nuclear agreement, attractive to members of Congress under intense pressure to vote no, that congressional rejection of the agreement will enable U.S. negotiators to reach a better deal. The expectation is, that with a further turn of the screws, we can pressure the Iranians to give more and/or we give less. But it can’t happen.

Read more here.


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