Help . . .

great chapeau!

Like that cutie above, I’m looking for help; just not with my wardrobe though 🙂

Let me begin by thanking everyone who stopped by The Annex earlier this week to read the prologue to my new story, The Opened Door. All in all we had a pretty good turnout given that it’s been a long time since I began a new story. Having said that, it does look like I’ve lost quite a few readers along the way.

I think one of the biggest reason for that is because I only publish on my own web site these days. I used to post my stories on Nifty simultaneously, but I had difficulties with the person who runs that site; and there were times when I honestly felt dirty or illiterate just visiting Nifty 🙂

But not publishing on other sites means it’s difficult to get out the word about my stories and that’s where I could use some help.

For now I’m just asking you to pass the word along about my stories to any friends you have who enjoy reading and don’t have a problem with stories that feature gay characters. As you know, I don’t bother my readers with ads or e-mail solicitations or by asking for money to read my stories. (If you’re seeing ads, which I’m not, they’re put there by WordPress, not me).

I’ve tried to be respectful to everyone and make this a place people enjoy visiting.

Other than that I’m looking for suggestions for how to appeal to a larger audience and would welcome any you have. For example, I know there are sites around the internet where readers can post reviews of stories or otherwise let people know what they are currently reading.

I don’t pretend to know all of those sites, but one I can think of off the top of my head is AwesomeDude. It has a Reader Rules! Forum where people can apparently post reviews of stories they like, but there are probably a ton of other sites like that you may know about that I don’t. Feel free to pass those along so I can check them out.

As a lot of my readers are from other countries, you’re almost certainly more familiar with those kinds of sites in your country than I am. If you can let me know about those or even put in a plug for my stories, that would be appreciated as well.

There are probably tons of things I’m overlooking so don’t be shy about making a suggestion in response to this post. Whether you do or not, my stories will remain free as always. But as much as you’re not supposed to worry about stuff like that, I think most authors do want their stories to be read. So any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reading this.

4 thoughts on “Help . . .

  1. Hi Kit

    Glad to see you are back writing. I just finished ch. 1 and enjoyed it.

    I was going to suggest that you consider publishing on AwesomeDude, but see that you are already aware of it. I have been frequenting that site lately. It has a better quality of writers.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Tom, and I’m glad you enjoyed the first chapter.

      Thanks for the suggestion as well. I agree with your assessment of AwesomeDude and have actually contacted it twice over the last couple of years, including within the past ten days. Unfortunately, I’ve never received any response to my e-mails, which was disappointing. Maybe they ended up in a spam/junk folder somewhere because it’s not the only site where that’s happened to me.

      But stayed tuned. I’m going to be putting up a links site later this week. Hopefully, exchanging links with other authors will help, at least some.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Axel. It’s a good one and I appreciate it very much.

      Unfortunately, there’s some bad history there that makes it impossible. I won’t go into it here because it’s water under the bridge and I’m not interested in stirring it up again.

      In any event, from what I’ve heard from some others, it seems like most of the sites that host stories will only invite you to post your work on their sites if some of their members have encouraged them to do that. For example, I’ve contacted AwesomeDude twice about hosting my work but never heard back from them. I mean, how much work is it to simply respond to an e-mail with a simple no?

      Like the French say, c’est la vie.

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