Chapter 47 . . .

going home . . .

So we’re getting pretty close to the end of the story and I realize everyone is anxiously looking for a particular ending and that would be nice I suppose. But if you’ve read my other stories you’ll see I’ve tended toward understated endings in the past, not dramatic ones.

That’s partly because endings are only endings for us, not for the characters themselves. To be sure, we stop peeking into their lives, but their lives do go on; and sometimes, if we’re fortunate, we may even catch a glimpse of where their lives are headed.

The other important thing to remember about endings is that they happen on their own schedule, not ours. They can’t be rushed and require patience. Tonight’s chapter is not the ending, but it does move us close to the end. Recognizing what it isn’t, try to enjoy it for what it is.

With that I’ll just say I’ve posted Chapter 47. You can find it here. Have fun reading and thanks again for sticking with me through what’s turned out to be a rather long journey.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 47 . . .

  1. Kit:

    Those are very nice sentiments, well expressed. In the meanwhile I’m waiting for you to write about people closer to my age group and the majority of your readers. I’ll even settle for half – which I know you consider half-dead. I guess your advanced readers will have to wait till you approach that threshold yourself and try to come to terms with that part of life, with slippery slopes of different kinds, blurring lines and less bright colours. Bifocals and cataract surgery can fix that only to a certain extent. We look to you to guide us.

    Best wishes, Dan

    1. They say you should write about what you know, Dan, so what you’re proposing might be a challenge. But who knows? You never can tell.

      Truth be told, one of the ideas I have for a future story would focus on the lives of two men, one much older and one very young. They wouldn’t be in a relationship, but their stories might cast some light on what it meant to be gay fifty years ago as compared to what it means to be gay today. But that’s probably too ambitious for me.

      Simpler would be a story about an older man reflecting on different episodes in his life, from the time when he was very young up to the time of bifocals and cataract surgery. It’s been done, I’m sure, but everything’s been done pretty much 🙂

      And as I’ve noted many times, ideas are always welcome so feel free to send me your own plot outline 🙂


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