Chapter 45 . . .

another budding author . . . among other talents :-)

I’m not actually around tonight, but you should be reading this introduction if I didn’t screw things up. This week I left a special guest author in charge of editing Chapter 45 and scheduling it to appear at the usual time. Hopefully it’s up along with this introduction. If not, never mind; I’ll get to it sometime on Tuesday when I get back and punish the little cutie appropriately 🙂

Not being around also means I won’t get to post any comments or respond to e-mails until Tuesday evening at the earliest, but don’t let that deter you from letting me know what you think of the chapter and how good a job our budding young author did.

I’m kind of biased myself, but I think he did very well. Not only did he edit a rough draft, he also expanded a couple of topics within the chapter in a very nice way. He did such a good job I may have to bring him back next week for a much longer run.

In any event, Chapter 45 is (hopefully) up. You can find it here. This chapter finishes up what the last one began and sets the stage for the conclusion of the story. I hope you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 45 . . .

  1. I have enjoyed your story of Ethan and Hunter. Your style of developing the two characters and dealing with both their personal as well as their public lives has been a great journey as well as uplifting. The aspect of baseball for Ethan and coaching and teaching for Hunter have added a great deal to the story line. I am a romantic at heart and hope as you move to the end of the story it takes on an happy and enduring route. I find the baseball and Washington DC connection a wonderful back drop. In some ways it reminds me of the Damn Yankees story where underdog Washington takes on the ever present and strong Yankees. Of course in the story the main character sells his soul to the devil which I hope does not happen in your story line.

    I know you have asked readers to comment on the story development and I have been a silent reader. However, as you have indicated the story will end soon, so I thought I should let you know how much I have enjoyed the story and hope the end will not come soon. As Ethan and the Warriors move to the end of the season I hope both make breakthroughs and achieve greatness and personal completion. Saying that I hope you are not planning to bring Ethan and Hunter back together and just end there with a live happy ever after ending.

    If that is your plan maybe a follow on story that continues their lives together facing all the ups and downs of professional sports, coaching and a teaching career and as a couple. I could also see some of the plans that Ethan identifies in the current chapter for working with gay youth being fully developed which could also include Hunter in the teaching profession. All this while developing a couple facing the daily ups and downs of life in a world where much is changing for the gay community.

    Ok enough of my thoughts, just want to thank you for your great story and hope you continue to write and will share future chapters of this story and new stories in the future.


    Harry in NC

    1. Thanks a lot for your comments, Harry. I’m glad you took the time to share them with me as I’m always left wondering what all those people who never comment are thinking.

      I didn’t really have Damn Yankees in mind when I wrote the story. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever read it (or seen it) although I’ve heard of it and have a general idea about the plot. In any event, any similarities are strictly coincidental. I’m sure the author of Damn Yankees made a lot more money than I did 🙂

      Bringing a story to an end is always hard and especially hard for someone like me who gets attached to his own characters. Some people never end stories and I suppose I could have strung this one out longer. But I find I get a sense when a story needs to end and that’s my feeling right now.

      Your suggestion for a sequel isn’t a bad one. It’s one I thought about when I finished Connected and I even wrote five or six chapters of a sequel for that one. But I found myself running out of steam and finally abandoned the idea. I seem to do better as a writer when my characters are in search of something rather than charting the ups and downs of life once they have found what they’re looking for.

      I’m not saying I would never consider the idea, but it may be too early and the story too fresh for me to do something like that right now. I feel like I need to go looking for another lost soul facing the slings and arrows of life and enduring.

      In any event, thanks again for the extended comment. Your support and encouragement are greatly appreciated.


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