Chapter 42 . . .

nothing happened here

As some keep urging, I’ve decided to move the story along at a much quicker pace; how much quicker remains to be seen, but for now I’ve decided to conclude Part IV of the story tonight with this chapter. That will spare you at least five weeks of reading and more cuts are possible if that’s your preference.

What I’ve done is replace the six chapters and 29,000 words that would have concluded Part IV with the 6000 words in this new chapter. I apologize if it comes across as a bit rough, but I had to pull it together quickly this past week after it became apparent there’s no interest or enthusiasm for Riley, Gina and Marie as characters . . . or really for anything except a much quicker resolution of the story that ends with Ethan and Hunter living happily ever after.

Still to be determined is how much you would like the conclusion of the story to be scaled back. Currently, Part V, which will begin next week, consists of five chapters and an epilogue. Of those, the first two were originally designed to wrap up a loose detail, but neither moves us much closer to the resolution everyone is looking for.

They could be eliminated as well to move things along if you want. If we do that, we could be done with the story by the end of this month except for the epilogue and that can be skipped entirely as well. It was written primarily for those of you interested in the baseball, but it’s not mandatory by any means.

I’ll do whatever you decide at this point. If you want the next two chapters eliminated, send me an e-mail to that effect; if not, let me know you would like them to be retained. I realize it may be hard to decide without knowing more about the two chapters in question, but that’s the point after all, isn’t it? You can’t really miss something you’ve never seen and we would get to the end the story at least two weeks quicker if I delete them.

In any event, we’ll go with majority rule on this even if the vote count is ten or less as I expect it will be. If you care one way or the other, let me know by Friday at the latest since I’ll need the weekend to rework whatever the next chapter turns out to be. Normally I would start working on that tomorrow so this pause will free up some time for me to do other things. Yeah for me!

In the meantime, I’ve posted Chapter 43. You can find it here. Keep in mind this isn’t a boiled down version of the six chapters I eliminated. It’s a transition I improvised on the fly this week to get us to the conclusion as best as I could.


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