Chapter 31 . . .

this cutie can play on my team any time :-)

There are only so many hours a week I can spend trying to find just the right image to illustrate what a chapter is all about; and since I couldn’t find a good one for this chapter, I decided to post this image instead. I’m sure that will generate a ton of complaints 🙂

For the sticklers among you, consider this cutie a member of the team relaxing after a hard practice. I can’t say for sure which one so you’ll have to decide, but perhaps he’s one of the pitchers or catchers. Whoever he is, he can play on my team anytime; and since there are fifteen boys on the team, I’ve left myself a little wiggle room for illustrating the next couple of chapters as well.

In any event, this will serve as a useful reminder that summer eventually returns. Sitting here engulfed in the dreaded wintry mix, ice weighing down the branches of the tree I’m staring at and with more snow still to come, I could use a little warmth. Perhaps this boy will help generate some.

On Wednesday, December 11, I’ll be posting a very special (and totally non-political) message here that I hope you’ll take a look at. I don’t ask very much from you, but this is something I would really like you to read and think about.

In any event, I’ve posted Chapter 31. You can find it here. I hope you enjoy it; if you do, feel free to let me know that by commenting at the end of the chapter or sending me an e-mail.


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