Surveillance on Trial . . .

This is your life being vacuumed up by your government ...

I haven’t had much to say on this blog lately. That’s not because the world has suddenly taken a turn for the better and there’s nothing left to be outraged about. Indeed, quite the opposite is true. But I’ll confess that spitting into the wind does get tiring after a while.

In any event, in case you were wondering, the answer is no. Your government has NOT stopped spying on you. In fact, yesterday it was in Courtroom 20B of the Manhattan Federal courthouse arguing, among other things, that you don’t even have a right to sue to stop its relentless collection of information on you.

Do you believe that? The Federal government can read your e-mails, collect and review all of your financial data, listen in on your phone calls, and do whatever it wants and you don’t even have the right to go to court and argue that what the government is doing violates the Constitution of the United States.

It’s an unbelievable world we live in, one populated by political slugs who believe they are accountable to no one. They spend all their time quibbling over nonsense mostly and they can’t even agree on that. But what they do agree on is they can’t be bothered with protecting your most fundamental rights. They can’t be bothered with protecting your privacy.

Why would you vote for any of these people? They’re out for their own good, not yours.

In any event, the New York Times published an excellent editorial today about what took place in the courtroom yesterday. I encourage you to read it because there will be votes coming up in the Congress soon enough where you’ll have the opportunity to weigh in on the matter and to see which side your representatives are on.

Here’s a hint. For most of you, it probably won’t be your side. But the better informed you are, the more outraged you’ll be; and you ought to be outraged because your government has nothing but contempt for you.

It’s time to return the favor.


2 thoughts on “Surveillance on Trial . . .

  1. Enjoying your current story despite it being a strange sport to me with all it’s unique jargon. However the strangeness adds to the fun of it! Just a comment on Thanksgiving and what you said about materialism. I was over in Canada at the time and was shocked by money spent around thanksgiving. Upworthy put up a video showing the wealth distribution in USA and that was even worse. America has always been a place to admire in many ways but it seems to have forgotten the need to see to its poor and it’s sick.

    1. Thanks, Harold. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the story and can’t disagree with anything you said here. We have a Supreme Court that’s been doing its best to protect the rich and the powerful in this country, even going so far as to eliminate any chance of bringing campaign contributions under control. Freed of any restraint, the rich use their money to elect those who will protect their interests; and even when we think we’re voting for someone who we believe will try to do something about all of this (like Obama), we end up with people who don’t seem committed to anything much at all.

      It’s pretty sad, but I’m snowed in so I get a chance to go play now 🙂

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