Chapter 18 …

welcome to rehoboth beach

Yeah, I know. That image is definitely not as appealing as some of the others I’ve been posting here recently. For whatever reason, I don’t seem to have as good images to help illustrate this story as I’ve had for my others. I may be forced to go back to posting pictures of cute boys despite all the loud protests I’ve been getting about that 🙂

In any event, Chapter 18 is up. You can find it over at The Annex. I got some interesting e-mails this week, but no comments. I guess that only goes to show that summer is over and everyone is back to the grind; or maybe the chapter sucked. Who knows? In any event, hope springs eternal so feel free to let me know what you think about Chapter 18 by posting a comment or sending me an e-mail.

By the way, if there’s anyone out there familiar with the University of Delaware in Newark, drop me an e-mail. I could use some help with the next part of the story from someone familiar with the town and the campus.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 18 …

  1. very true, this picture may not be a whole lot of eye candy but it sure is educational and fun to see where you spend your vacation time. I do support your addition of the eye candy to your emails. what would be a neat addition is a url to the full size pictures if possible, but thanks anyway for whatever you send, tom.

    1. I wish I could help with urls to the originals, Tom, but God only knows where I collected some of these pictures, especially the ones featuring cute boys. Way back when I started posting online I told some of my friends I needed pictures to illustrate the stories and they sent me a ton, including a bunch there is NO way I could ever post online 🙂

      I’ve only regretted that once. There was a chapter in Connected early on where Nolan and Josh visited a local pharmacy to purchase some condoms. A friend sent me an image that would have been just perfect for that, but much too naughty to post 🙂

      In any event, I got pictures of a lot of cute boys early on in part because I was originally thinking I would post pictures of the different characters in my stories. But the longer I thought about that, the less enamored I became of the idea. I want readers to draw pictures of each of these characters in their own minds, not to just accept my vision of them.

      It would be fun to ask readers to send in pictures of Ethan, for example, or Zachary, D.W. or any of the rest of them for that matter just to see how different people visualize the different characters. I would even post them if I thought people would do that, but it seems like most readers want to remain anonymous so I doubt I would get many offerings.

      The bottom line is that I don’t always know where any of these pictures came from. For all I know, I could have taken that one of the Rehoboth Beach sign myself. But more than likely I found it on the web somewhere. A lot of times I just key in a search term like “speedos” and then use the images search function to see whether anything interesting comes up. But a lot of baseball pictures come up with team names that don’t work or pictures of actual players that don’t fit what I’m looking for.

      Got any pictures of parks at night in Phoenix? Sounds kind of boring, I suppose, but the chapter will be less so I suspect. And yet finding exactly the right picture to illustrate it would be hard. So God only knows what I’ll post next week.

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