Happy Fourth of July …

What kind of America will they inherit?

Happy birthday America! Here are a few breaking news stories this fourth of July that should help remind you what being an American is all about.

From Africa: Promising economic, political, and possibly military reprisals, U.S. State Department officials today denounced a group of African nations that refused permission for Air Force One to transit their airspace while transporting President Obama back to the United States from his recent trip to the African continent. Instead, the Presidential aircraft was forced to land in still another African nation in order to refuel.

Amid conflicting reports as to whether Air Force One was searched, the aircraft was not permitted to take off for hours. However, President Obama was reported to be safe. The State Department labeled the action a clear violation of international norms and an insult to the United States that would be severely punished. Read more here.

From Washington, DC: Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was arrested today and charged with contempt of Congress for knowingly lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Clapper may also be charged with deliberately permitting the release of false information to the Congress about the NSA’s spy programs. Read more here and here.

From the Postal Service: Bankrupt and often incapable of delivering mail from one place to another, the U.S. Postal Service announced today that it was abandoning the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program, an initiative in which Postal Service computers photograph the exterior of every piece of paper mail that is processed in the United States — about 160 billion pieces last year. “We think this may save us a few bucks,” the Postmaster-General said, adding that the service would soon be issuing a new commemorative stamp honoring the NSA’s commitment to openness and transparency. Read more here.

From a classified location: Admitting that they were nothing more than rubber stamps for the intelligence agencies, several principled judges announced today that they were resigning as members of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Sadly, the names of the judges are classified top secret and can only be released with a duly authorized warrant. Read more here.

From the White House: President Obama announced today that he really did mean it after all when he said U.S. intelligence agencies should stop “ignoring the law when it is inconvenient.” Listen here.

That’s the news for today, folks; be sure to have a happy Fourth of July defending those liberties we hold dear for the sake of future generations like those kids up above. The Founding Fathers will undoubtedly be proud of you; unless perhaps they’ve been looking at your metadata a little too closely.

In any event, if you want to do something more than just read this posting, click on the image below for some suggestions for how you can make a difference.|

Protest NSA Surveillance


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