Who does the greater harm?

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“The Obama administration leaks classified information continuously. They do it to glorify the President, or manipulate public opinion, or even to help produce a pre-election propaganda film about the Osama bin Laden raid. The Obama administration does not hate unauthorized leaks of classified information. They are more responsible for such leaks than anyone.”

“What they hate are leaks that embarrass them or expose their wrongdoing. Those are the only kinds of leaks that are prosecuted. It’s a completely one-sided and manipulative abuse of secrecy laws. It’s all designed to ensure that the only information we as citizens can learn is what they want us to learn because it makes them look good. The only leaks they’re interested in severely punishing are those that undermine them politically. The “enemy” they’re seeking to keep ignorant with selective and excessive leak prosecutions are not The Terrorists or The Chinese Communists. It’s the American people.”

Read more here. Then ask yourself a question.

Who does the greater harm to America: those who are secretly building a massive surveillance system that tramples on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States or those who inform citizens what is being done?

Update: Two interesting articles today among all the bile directed at Edward Snowden by the usual Washington talking heads. Both deserve wider dissemination. This one, from the Washington Post, provides some fascinating insights into the workings of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. I’m sure you’ll find yourself comforted by it. NOT! And this opinion piece by Max Frankel should make most people stop and think; at least anyone who wants to think instead of just screaming “traitor” at anyone who disagrees with their definition of patriotism. (Personally I prefer Samuel Johnson’s definition: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”).


2 thoughts on “Who does the greater harm?

  1. KKK, Actually, to answer your question, I think the worst by far are the traitors like Snowden who piss on our chances to negotiate successfully internationally. The weaker he makes the USA and her allies, the better you like I take it? Not that I expect someone as clearly set inan anti-USA-government view as you obviously are would get that. Hint, in the real world war is hell and people do what they need to to help their country survive. Is it pretty? No. However, without espionage and all that goes with it,the USA will find itself slaves to the Chinese and/orradical Islam by century’s end. Maybe you’ll be here to applaud that. I hope not.


    1. And you’re entitled to your opinion, James, however incoherent, lacking in substance, and ludicrous it is.

      I love publishing comments like this so thanks James. And have a nice day 🙂

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