Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

sweet!  could those two be robbie and jimmy

And what better way to start off Valentine’s Day just right than with a beautiful SMOOCH for you by two young friends!

I would have kissed you myself, but I’m in bed with a cold. I’m sniffling and sneezing and wheezing like crazy, and my nose is running as much as Niagara Falls.

Oh, well, I guess thems the risks you take when you go around kissing boys; of course, I prefer thinking I got this just from riding the Metro because who would ever want to give up kissing boys?

And don’t let my illness deter you. Be sure to find your Valentine today and give him or her a kiss, a hug, and perhaps even a very special gift as well!

Don’t have a Valentine?

Assuming you’re willing to take the risk, just dress up as Cupid, send me the picture, and you can be mine, at least for the day 🙂

Unless you’re Rick Santorum or someone like that, of course

just say no to homophobes and bigots

Still looking for that (semi)-naked picture of me? Jeez, I thought I saw it around here somewhere.

Okay, so maybe that really isn’t me after all. I couldn’t resist all that pink 🙂

Or maybe I’m just saving the real naked picture for that April 1st write-up I mention in the post up above.

Is it an April’s fool joke or could he be telling the truth?

You’ll have to stop by April 1st to find out for sure 🙂

In any event, have a terrific Valentine’s Day with someone you love. I’ll be checking back later tonight to see whether any of you brought me candy, flowers or perhaps even that special gift I keep talking about.

Or you can probably even sweet talk me into doing something foolish with a a box of tissues and a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Be My Valentine


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

    1. Thanks, Tom; same to you. But I think it’s probably better to be just right rather than too much. If you’re too much, people may never nibble on you and what fun would that be?

      Home alone and bored, I did some writing this afternoon and here’s a tip for any future writers lurking out there. Never write a chapter with lots of sex when you’re contagious. It’s guaranteed to leave both you and any Valentines in your life frustrated as hell 🙂

      Damn, he said, looking around at how empty the place is. Looks like I’ll be sleeping with Mr. Hand tonight.

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