Chapter 7 …

The Capitol

I’ve posted Chapter 7. You can read it at The Annex. Years after Brian and Eric last saw one another, the story now shifts back to the present. It’s Christmas Eve in Washington, the day Eric died. Brian is working. But he will soon catch a glimpse of the future, at least what be believes the future holds in store for him.

But is he right? Can any of us know what the future will bring for sure? Is the future predestined for each of us, something programmed long ago that will soon play itself out in time? Or do we have some control over our future, some capacity to change it through what we do in the present?

The chapter doesn’t answer these questions. It leaves us hanging and perhaps that’s the way it should be. These are age-old questions, easy to argue but more difficult to answer, especially given how elusive the future can seem at times.

Future chapters may provide some kind of answer, but how definitive it will be remains to be seen. For now there’s little point in trying to get ahead of ourselves. Before we can see what the future may bring, there’s nothing more to do than to read this chapter and see how the events of the day end up impacting Brian.

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In any event, as always, please feel free to share any comments you have at the end of the chapter itself or by sending me e-mail. And be sure to click on the image above to get the full effect of this wonderful picture of the U.S. Capitol.