Chapter 5 …

the infamous wolf rock :-)

I’ve posted Chapter 5, still another long chapter that would have benefited from a better editing job than I’ve done. You can find it at The Annex. In this and the following chapter, we’ll catch a glimpse of Brian at age 22, now living in Washington, D.C.

Within the chapter and here as well I’ve included another link to a YouTube music video. If you choose to click on the link, please adjust your speakers accordingly as it will play a song. I include songs like this from time to time because I think they give you a better insight into characters and what they may be thinking or feeling at a particular point in time. I try to choose songs from the time in which the story takes place and ones the character would have been familiar with.

That’s really just an elaborate rationalization for me to listen to some old music, of course, but, hey, what can I say? I think my audience trends older so sit back and enjoy 🙂

As always, please feel free to share any comments you have at the end of the chapter or by sending me e-mail. And keep in mind there’s still time to help a homeless LGBT boy or girl this year. Reading a story can be entertaining and fun, but what could be more satisfying than making a difference in the life of someone in need?

I hope the holidays were happy for everyone and that you’ll enjoy Chapter 5 and the rest of the story.


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