Chapter 3 …

What a sweetie :-)

I’ve posted Chapter 3, which will probably be the longest chapter in the story. For some reason I had trouble editing anything out, especially after yesterday’s events. In this and the following chapter we’ll catch a glimpse of Brian at age 13, no longer a little boy but not yet a man. You can find Chapter 3 at The Annex.

At the beginning of the chapter and here as well I’ve included a link to a YouTube music video. If you choose to click on the link, please adjust your speakers accordingly as it will play a song. In addition, I’ve reversed myself and decided to allow the story to be posted elsewhere in an effort to give it wider exposure. However, those of you who read the story here will always see the latest chapters first.

As always, please feel free to share any comments you have at the end of the chapter or by sending me e-mail. And please do more than just read the story. I’ve put up two postings immediately below that allow you to do something constructive, something that can make a real difference.


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