To every thing there is a season …

it's the bigggest hug i can offer

So that’s it for now everyone. I’ve posted the last chapter both here and at Nifty and I’ll be taking off soon for my little west coast adventure. I’ve enjoyed our journey together, but I’m looking forward to relaxing a little, getting some rest, and perhaps even spending a little time having some fun in the water.

Hopefully the trip will start with an invasive and thorough body search from a cute but firm TSA screener in order to make sure that I’m not harboring any dangerous weapons. I sure would like to provide him with a little surprise he might not be expecting 🙂

Slaps self. Bad, Kit, bad! Stop being naughty like that!

On a more serious note, I have some personal issues I need to address when I return; once I have, hopefully I’ll try my hand at another story or two.

Several people have e-mailed me asking that I let them know if and when I put up another story. I considered maintaining some kind of e-mail list, but I’ve decided against that.

The best way of staying in touch is either by subscribing to this blog (by clicking on the Sign me up button! to your right) or just by checking back every few months to see if I’ve posted anything new here.

If I do publish another story online, I’ll definitely post an announcement here (and so those of you who subscribe should get notified assuming WordPress can be counted on). But I’m thinking I probably will not have anything ready for posting before November at the earliest.

Feel free to stay in touch via e-mail. In the meantime, I hope you have a terrific and fun-filled summer. Remember: Nolan thought his chances of having one were being ruined by his Mom and Dad. Little did he know when his parents drove him off to Vermont that he was about to start an adventurous new journey that would make all the difference for him .

That’s kind of how I feel right about now. I hope my little vacation is the start of another interesting journey. In the meantime, in the event you didn’t notice, I’ve left a few little gifts scattered around the place. I hope you enjoyed them.

But please keep in mind there are many whose lives are far more desperate than yours. Think Tommy is just part of a story? You’re wrong. He’s real. You’ll never meet him, but if you’ll just open your eyes you’ll see him or one of his friends living among you, unnoticed, unloved.

Show him some love! Give something back. You don’t need a link to figure out how. Once you’ve opened your eyes, you just need to open your heart and to become the difference between love and its absence.


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