Onward Christian Soldiers …

marching as to war
Slay the infidel!

It’s always nice to see God’s love at work in men of faith like the Reverend Charles L. Worley, seen here preaching to his congregation at the Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina on May 13th.

As some of you may know, North Carolina is one of those American states that allows men like the Reverend Worley to marry and reproduce, but prohibits gays and lesbians from doing likewise.

This may tell you a lot about the gene pool in North Carolina.

You can learn more about this particular bozo here and here; and the good pastor even encourages you to visit, e-mail or call him here (although I’ve also seen his e-mail address listed as follows: pastor@prbcnc.com).

I do have to ask my Christian friends: is this really what Jesus died for?


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