The Wacko Agenda …


What would America be without its Puritans? Our puritanical heritage has shaped this country in ways large and small since the 17th century. In the last half of the twentieth century, however, it seemed as if Americans were finally growing up and recognizing that sex education in the public schools could play a positive role in helping kids live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.

Unfortunately, much of the progress that has been made in the last fifty years is now threatened once again as the right-wing wackos that have taken control of the Republican party in this country attempt to take us back to a less enlightened time in our history. These wackos love to talk about the so-called homosexual agenda. What they’re less willing to discuss is their own pathetic sexual agenda for America’s kids, one designed to promote ignorance and fear.

In Utah recently, for example, a conservative Republican Governor vetoed legislation that would have allowed school districts to drop sex education entirely and required abstinence-only instruction in those districts that kept it.

In expressing her disappointment at the Governor’s decision, one of the wackos supporting the bill, state Senator Margaret Dayton, said that teaching children about contraception is comparable to telling kids not to do drugs, then showing them how to mainline heroin. Another called the Governor’s action a “sad day for the children of Utah.” NOT!

What’s amazing here is not that the Governor vetoed the bill, but that such a ridiculous proposal could pass both houses of any state legislature in 2012. An isolated case in a very conservative state? Not really. The truth is sex is fast emerging as the new favorite issue of right-wing wackos all over the country.

In Tennessee, legislation passed by the legislature is pending that allows parents to seek damages in court if a teacher “promotes gateway sexual activity” to their child. It’s not entirely clear what “gateway sexual activity” is because the measure defines it vaguely as “sexual contact encouraging an individual to engage in a non-abstinent behavior.”

Utah and Tennessee are not alone. In Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill into law earlier this month that removed not only contraceptives but also puberty from the list of required topics in sex-ed classes. In Missouri efforts are underway to pass so-called don’t say gay legislation that would prevent the teaching of sexual orientation in public schools. Instead, sex education would be limited to classes relating to human reproduction. Arizona is still another state in which the wackos are hard at work to keep kids ignorant.

Want to know more about the wacky sexual agenda of right-wing extremists? This article is a good starting point. But what’s really needed is more people willing to stand up against the wackos when they bring their agenda to your state or local community. It’s clear that a war on sexual knowledge is rapidly emerging as a major issue in the right-wing (and Republican) agenda.

What would America be without its Puritans? Less sexually repressed for one thing; and much happier for another!


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