No phony theology here, Rick …

Defender of the faith!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Father Marcel Guarnizo, defender of the one true faith, scourge of those living in sin, and the chosen minister of an all just, all loving, all powerful God. You can learn more about the good father here.

This is, of course, the true theology, the one Rick Santorum champions, not that phony theology he likes to rail about.


4 thoughts on “No phony theology here, Rick …

  1. This guy has not got a vocation, he’s got a job and the “It’s more than my job’s worth” mentality. What he doesn’t have is the compasion of Jesus.
    Thank the Lord not all Catholic priests are like this!

    1. I happen to know that Tom is (or is about to leave) on a a long trip, Mike, so I don’t know whether he’ll have a chance to see, let alone respond, to your question. I’m tempted to respond for him, but I’ll restrain myself for now.

      If the question is technical rather than rhetorical, the answer is in the link I’ve provided above. If it’s prelude to something more, have at it.

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