Evil …

you decide

One of our readers, Lee, forwarded this posting to me and asked whether I would consider publishing it on the blog. I’m happy to do so and will consider similar requests from others. I can’t promise I’ll post everything I receive or post those I do unedited. But this is the online home of KitKatKid and his friends after all so I’ll certainly consider anything you forward to me. But you’ll need to do most of the work, of course 🙂

KitKatKid has written extensively on the progress being made in some American states regarding the legalization of same sex marriage. He has also written on the struggles gay people still face in the United States. However, those struggles are not unique to the U.S.

In the African nation of Uganda, for example, a bill has again been proposed in the legislature that would outlaw all homosexual activity. Initially this bill proposed penalties for those convicted of engaging in homosexual acts that ranged from life imprisonment to the death penalty. However, the bill’s author claims to have since eliminated both of those penalties. “We are reducing the prison sentences to two to seven years,” he claims.

There has been little or no attention paid to this proposal by the media in the U.S. However, The Guardian, a UK newspaper, has again focused public attention on the bill in a recent story.

Two major world banks, Citibank and Barclays, have extensive financial ties to Uganda. Both have expressed their support for diversity on their web sites. Citibank’s position is expressed here. Barclays’ views can be found here.

Change.org, a site committed to helping concerned people present petitions and collect signatures, has provided a place to protest the odious action being contemplated in Uganda. The petition urges the two banks to publicly condemn the proposed legislation.

I urge everyone who is concerned about this attack on human rights to read the Guardian article, the petition and to take whatever action your conscience dictates.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797)


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