Equal Justice Under Law …

What part of equal are you having trouble understanding?

In my Valentine’s Day posting yesterday, I noted that the state of Washington had become the seventh state (along with the District of Columbia) to approve marriage equality legislation. I don’t have a lot to add here, but I wanted to call your attention to this article and the accompanying video. They focus on Maureen Walsh, a heterosexual Republican state legislator in Washington who supported the enactment of this legislation.

The article is good, but the video is just incredibly powerful and moving. And the contrast between this woman, someone capable of feeling genuine human emotion and understanding that its validity is not confined to heterosexuals alone, and Rick Santorum, a sick, twisted, man who has compared gay sex to man on dog sex, is a stark one indeed.

Santorum has made so many ignorant, bigoted, comments that it would be impossible to catalog all of them here. Among other things, Santorum does not believe there is a right to privacy in the Constitution, which is important because the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas striking down anti-sodomy laws was based in large part on the notion that there is such a constitutional right. Santorum also favors Federal action to ban gay marriage everywhere in the United States; has indicated that gay sex is not of equal worth to heterosexual sex; does not believe gays should be allowed to adopt children; and believes marriage is a privilege that gays don’t deserve.

In short, Rick Santorum, the new frontrunner for the GOP Presidential nomination if polls are to be believed, is a walking advertisement for bigotry and hatred. Hence it is worth noting that at least some Republicans do not agree with this bigot. Maureen Walsh is one such Republican and her remarks are indeed worthy of your attention.


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