Be My Valentine …

Do you wannabe?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with news that the Governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire, signed a marriage equality proposal into law yesterday. Washington thus becomes the seventh state to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Not immediately, of course; the law will not take effect until June 7. Nor definitively either; as the article I linked to above makes clear, opponents of marriage equality in Washington are working on a number of fronts to overturn the legislation. But for today, Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate a step forward. There will be time enough tomorrow for those of you who live in the state of Washington to start preparing for the fight to come.

In the meantime, find your Valentine today and give him a kiss, a hug, and perhaps even a very special gift!

Don’t have a Valentine? Dress up as Cupid, send me the picture and you can be mine 🙂

I hope you enjoy the cartoons below. Thanks Lonnie for allowing me to reprint them on this blog. You can visit Lonnie’s site here. He’s a talented dude and you’ll find more stuff to enjoy over there.

Love is wonderful :-)

Love doesn't always have to be hard :-)

Hope you have a terrific Valentine’s Day with someone you love. I’ll be checking back in a couple of days to see whether any of you brought me candy, flowers or perhaps even a special gift 🙂

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