You need to read this …

candlelight vigil
A candlelight vigil in Minneapolis for the victims of gay bullying

Never seen the face of hated up close and personal? The article I’m linking to below will give you more than a passing glimpse.

As some of you may recall, I brought the Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota to your attention in a previous posting. That posting even prompted one of our readers who grew up in the town to share some thoughts on the place. Sadly, that posting of mine does not even begin to come close to describing the hatred and bigotry gay kids in that community face. But this article does.

It’s long but it’s powerful and, most important of all, you’ll help provide some meaning to the lives of those kids who committed suicide just by reading it all the way through. Because I’m pretty sure anyone who reads the article will come away committed to never letting something like this happen in their own community.

Read the article! Get involved! Make a difference!


Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin School District is speaking out in response to the article I linked to above in Rolling Stone. You can find out more about this latest development and what the school district thinks here.

To me there are a couple of interesting things about this response, at least on an initial reading. For one thing, you’ll notice that no one seems to have taken responsibility for the statement. We’re just told that it’s a statement of the school district. It’s not signed by anyone. No spokesman was apparently made available to respond to any questions about the statement. Nor are we told specifically who is endorsing the statement. In sum, it looks like a statement from a bunch of cowards too afraid to even take responsibility for the words it contains.

You’ll also note that the statement doesn’t express any shame, regret, or sorrow over the suicide of so many of students in the school district. In fact, if you read the statement carefully, you’ll see that it’s all about the school district itself and how put upon it is by those who have been critical of it. What a bunch of losers these people are! This statement would be a disgrace if we weren’t dealing with so many dead kids; as it is, it only confirms how a bunch of sniveling cowards will behave when they’re called out for the bigotry and hatred they’ve fostered and encouraged.

Resign, you freaking cowards! Anyone who had anything to do with this statement should do the world a favor and go find a hole where you can bury yourself until your’re prepared to take some personal responsibility for what’s happened in your district.


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