Chapter 34 …

Chapter 34 is up. You can find it here. This is the third of three chapters designed to introduce us to Andy. All three take place within the space of a few hours on a Tuesday morning. We’ll learn more about Andy and about our other main characters as the story progresses, of course, but from here the story will transition back to a focus on how the different characters interact with one another. We’ll also meet and get to know some secondary characters who are important to the story and interesting in themselves; or at least I hope they’ll prove interesting.

This is not a chapter most of you are going to like or enjoy. In fact, it may make most of you angry. You’re certainly welcome to let me know that by commenting at the end of the chapter. If you do, however, I hope you’ll try your best to adhere to the guidelines I outlined in this post.

Whether one agrees or not, there are times when it’s important to understand a character’s motivation. This is one of those times. At the same time, once readers understand a character’s motivation, it’s also true that it shouldn’t be necessary to keep dwelling on it and I don’t intend to do that.

Should this chapter send you completely over the top and cause you to stop following the story, let me just say that I appreciate you sticking with me for so long and I’ll be sorry to lose you now. But I’m telling the story for a reason and it seems to me the reason for telling it grows stronger with each passing day.


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