Miranda speaks …

so cute, so nice

I thought about going there when former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon gave an interview to the New York Times in which she claimed she was gay by choice. That set off a storm of controversy in some circles and I was going to link to some of the more interesting commentaries right here. But then Nixon seemed to reverse herself yesterday, noting that, while she didn’t often use the term, “the technically precise term for my orientation is bisexual. I believe bisexuality is not a choice, it is a fact. What I have ‘chosen’ is to be in a gay relationship.”

Got all of that? Good. Because I was kind of getting confused myself trying to figure out what the hell Nixon was trying to say.

I suppose that I could also have gone there when one of those reading Connected commented about Andy’s lifestyle and then again when I read this opinion piece by Frank Bruni in the New York Times on Sunday. Because, you know, it’s not like I don’t have some opinions on all of this myself. When was the last time you remember me not having an opinion on something 🙂

I’ve decided not to go there for now. But I did find this little dust up interesting as well as something you should be aware of and think about a bit; and if you decide you want to go there by posting a comment below, be my guest. Just to try your best to make sure it’s an informed comment, at least as informed as Miranda’s comments 🙂

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