i like nice boys as well :-)

So some of you may be wondering WTF Chapter 28 is all about and I guess I can’t blame you. But it really isn’t that hard. We know an interlude is a period of time separating things, like the acts in a play or parts of a story. Sometimes they are accompanied by music as well.

From that we can probably conclude that time is passing. But how much time? The words don’t tell us that so we don’t know exactly. It’s a mystery for now, but hopefully we’ll find out the answer fairly quickly whenever the story resumes.

The music I chose to accompany this interlude is a little more interesting, I think. I mean, I could have chosen just about anything I suppose if my purpose was just to keep you entertained. But I hardly ever do anything randomly 🙂

Truth be told, I chose this particular piece of music as a way of foreshadowing something to come in the story. But what? And does it tell us anything about one or more of the characters? If so, which one(s)?

All good questions, but impossible to answer at this point in time definitively. We don’t know exactly what is being foreshadowed, but it would appear kind of ominous given the song’s words. It looks like someone is going to be broken-hearted. Could it be Josh, secretly pining for Tommy perhaps? But that assumes Josh is in love with Tommy and it’s possible that, never having experienced either, Tommy has mistaken caring for loving as one reader pointed out.

Or maybe not. And if not, could it be Nolan who is the one who is going to be broken-hearted when he finds out? Or perhaps both Nolan and Josh? Is something going to happen to their relationship while in college? It isn’t that hard to conceive of some of the words applying to them, but we just don’t know.

And it’s equally possible that the words don’t apply to them at all, of course. Maybe they apply to Tommy instead as another reader suggests.

Every day heartaches grow a little stronger,
I can’t stand this pain much longer!
I walk in shadows searching for light,
Cold and alone, no comfort in sight,
Hoping and paying for someone to care,
Always moving and goin’ nowhere.

But then there are other words that don’t seem to apply so well to Tommy. I mean, Tommy’s hasn’t been in a real relationship so far. How could he be broken-hearted? Maybe the whole thing applies to some other character or characters we haven’t met yet? Or maybe it just means that Kit likes being cruel to his readers 🙂

The way I see it, the fun is in the speculating; and if nothing else, the more you study the words and think about them, let them roll them around in your mind and play with them, and then listen to them being sung over and over, the better the chance you’ll know when whatever they’re foreshadowing finally becomes clear. But you’ve got to study those words real closely, friends, real closely.

So that’s what the chapter is about, the passage of time and the fun of speculating about what may come next. And some cool music, of course. I mean, does Joan Osborne own that song or what? Personally, I think it’s probably one of the very best covers of a song by an artist that I’ve ever heard.

And by watching her sing it we also become aware of The Funk Brothers, a group most people have never heard of (although some had passed away before this movie was filmed and now even more are gone). But we get a chance to find out more about their story if we follow the link and watch the movie and discover what great artists they truly were.

I mean, just watching Richard “Pistol” Allen pounding those drums about 3:35 into that video gives me chills and shows you how much they put into their work. He passed away not too long after the film was done but before it was released.

And then we get to hear the original recording of the song by Jimmy Ruffin, which I always find hard to listen to because it’s one of the most pain-filled songs I’ve ever heard. I thought there was more pain in that song by Jimmy than anyone could bear, at least until I heard Joan’s version.

So those are my holiday gifts to you. And one more. Call it an easter egg, a funny cartoon hidden somewhere on this page, but you’ll have to find it on your own 🙂

I hope you enjoy my presents. I also hope your holidays are happy and that you have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep safe and see you in January.


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