Why do we fear anyone different?

different and just fine

To date I’ve never written anything on this blog about the T in LGBT, but I happened to run across this story recently and wanted to share it with you.

Owen Middleton is an 18-year-old transgender male who recently began his transition with the help of testosterone therapy. He decided to document his journey on YouTube as well as creating a forum where people can ask questions about gender identity, transition and various other subjects. You can visit his YouTube channel here.

I really admire Owen’s courage, the more so when you begin to understand just how much violence and hatred transgender people face in their daily lives. Here is another story you should take a look at to understand just how difficult it is to be young and transgendered.

It’s just unbelievable to me that this is how so-called educators would react when confronted with students who are different. If we can’t count on the schools to help us overcome our ignorance, who can we count on?

In any event, Owen is definitely someone worth getting to know, as are Dionne and Kurt. Ignorance produces fear and fear leads to hatred and violence. By learning more about Owen, Dionne and Kurt, we help overcome our own ignorance and fear and hopefully become more enlightened and better people.

Visit the web sites. Get involved! Make a difference!


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